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Windy City Limousine

Catch-A-Ride with Windy City Limousine offers Indiana University students, Ball State University students, and University of Iowa students a reliable, fast, and safe way home to Chicagoland and Indiana. Why stress about getting home when Catch-A-Ride with Windy City Limousine has got you covered? Our express bus service whisks students from campus to the Chicagoland and Indiana areas in a flash. Whether it’s a holiday break or just a getaway, we’ve got your ride ready!

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Why Choose Us

Our Services

Our service is meticulously designed to cater to your academic calendar, offering convenient trips during semester breaks, holidays, and long weekends. With our tailored routes and punctual schedules, you can enjoy stress-free travel to key destinations in the Chicagoland and Merrillville areas, ensuring you’re never far from home.

What makes us stand out is our commitment to student-centric service. We understand the demands of university life and strive to provide a seamless travel experience that allows you to focus on what matters most—your studies and enjoying your time away from campus.

Our buses are equipped with free Wi-Fi, allowing you to stay connected or catch up on coursework during your journey.  Using Catch-A-Ride with Windy City Limousine, you get the perfect balance of convenience and comfort.

Experience the Difference from Catch-A-Ride with Windy City Limousine

Exclusive Features

  • Student-Only Ridership: Travel in a safe and comfortable environment exclusively with your fellow IU students.
  • Express Bus Service: Enjoy direct routes between all our destinations, ensuring you spend more time with loved ones and less time on the road.
  • Personalized Communication: Receive reminder emails about your upcoming departure and stay informed about any changes.
  • Personalized Check-In: Our friendly staff will check you in by name, adding a personal touch to your travel experience.
  • Exceptional Customer Support: Access 7-day toll-free live support for any questions or assistance you may need.
  • Convenient Ticketing: Book your tickets online, making the process quick and hassle-free.

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Our mission is to provide a reliable and stress-free way to travel between school and home, giving you peace of mind and a comfortable ride every time.

Catch-A-Ride FAQ

When does Catch-A-Ride with Windy City Limousine operate?

Our express bus services run during key holidays, fall break, Thanksgiving, semester break, and spring break.

Who drives the bus?

Buses for Catch-A-Ride with Windy City Limousine are operated by fully insured, experienced, and reliable drivers from Windy City Limousine. Our chauffeurs have extensive experience in operating motor coaches. They are trained to ensure passenger safety, provide excellent customer service, and comply with all relevant transportation regulations. Their professional demeanor and commitment to safety ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey for all passengers.

How do I make a reservation?

Click the “Purchase ticket” button on our website to be redirected to our schedule page, select your desired route, and travel date, and follow the online instructions. Our secure website will confirm your payment, and you’ll receive an email confirmation.

How will I receive my ticket?

After making your reservation, you’ll receive an email confirmation. Your name will be added to the bus check-in list, and you’ll need to show your student ID at boarding.

How much luggage can I bring?

You may bring one piece of luggage (28 X 18.5 X 11.5) for the bus’s luggage compartment and one backpack for inside the bus.